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Name : BABU. S
Age : 13- 7- 1992 & 10 years
Father's name : G. Selvan
Occupation : Laborer in a civil construction   company.
Mother's name : S. Shanthi
Education : Illiterate
Siblings : He has one elder brother and one elder sister, both are normal.
Residence Address : Othavadai street, Navalpur, Ranipet, Vellore Dist.
Babu. S

Nature of disability :
Mentally retarded and dumb.
Medical history :
The delivery was normal. At the age of two, he had high temperature and got fits. He was treated at Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore.
Training given at 'Nesam' :
He is given speech therapy to improve his communication To increase his memory, stories are being told. Action songs and rhymes are being taught. Identification of things used for day to day activities is taught.
He is shown coins and currency notes to know their values.
He is made to play with others to improve his behavior in a community.
He is given play- toys and made to sit in a place at least for 5 minutes.
He knows to use the toilet, but needs help to take bath.
He is taught to draw and color and also to make envelopes.
Current status :
He is unable to write and he speaks one or two words. He throws whatever object he gets from others. His behavior is violent sometimes.

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