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Age : 7 Years
Father's name : Jayavel
Occupation : Runs a shop in the house itself
Mother's name : Saraswathym – Housewise, Assisting her husband in running the job.
Siblings : 1 younger sister & 1 younger sister
J. Boopalan

Nature of disability :
Spastic Quadruplegic with mild mental retardation. Does not walk. But crawls. No reciprocal crawling. Drags his back while moving. Speaks in a low tone. Indicates his toiletting needs but depends for washing etc. Does not cat on his own. Drools incessantly.
Medical history :
Born premature in 8 months. Delivered by caesarean section in Scudder Memorial Hospital, Ranipet. Very much delayed milestones. Did not attempt to walk even at the age of 3. So his parents took him to Anbu Illam, a center for spastis in Vellore and he was there for training for 6 months.
Training given at 'Nesam' :
Physical exercises to improve his back and leg muscles to facility reciprocal crawling with gaiters, assisted walking.Squatting with support.Standing with support.
Activities of daily living :
Exercises are given to lip closing to control drooling. Practice is given daily to eat on his own with his fingers. He in being trained to indicate to go to the toilet. Training is given to be more independent in his toileting habit.
Educational Activities :
He is being taught to identify his name (written)among a group of names of his classmates and read, spelling each letter. To train him to tell his residence and school address orally. Scribbling is given to improve his finger coordination there by attempt to write his name. He is being taught to identify numbers from 1 to 5 with concept.
He is being taught to identify basic colours and shapes. Training is given to read 25 words spelling each letter.
He is being taught to arrange the pictures in sequence after listening to a story.

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