NESAM - A School for Mentally Challenged Children Images
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The Arcot project needs your help.
The Arcot project has attained technical independence what it needs now is to become  economically independent. towards this end, we seek your help to run our centre. These  children need your help. Support us by being a donor in any of the schemes, so that we can  provide uninterrupted service to the children.
AKSHAYA - Donate Rs.1,000 towards a corpus fund. Annual interest from this will be utilized  for the purchase of useful equipment or gadget for the training of children.
AMUDHASURABHI - Become a life patron with a one time payment of Rs 10,000/= or an annual patron by donating Rs.1000 per year.
SWEEKAR - Donate Rs.500 per month to meet the expense (sponsor a child) for a child per month.
KAMADHENU - Financing for a month ( Contribute Rs.15,000 to take care of a month's expenditure for the school ).
Contribution to Nesam school is eligible for exemption under section 80-G of Income Tax Act

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