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Age : 12 –8- 1988 & 14 Years
Father's name : Subramanian
Occupation : Canteen worker
Mother's name : Vanitha & House wife
Siblings : One elder sister and a younger
  sister of normal health
Residence Address : 39/A, VM. Street, Navalpur, Ranipet

Nature of disability :
She is a cheerful girl, but very emotional. She can speak few words with break. She is not aware of her personal necessaries like dress and food.
Medical history :
  On birth, the baby had a mole or extra growth on the right side of spinal chord. It was operated upon. She gets fits occasionally.
Training given at 'Nesam' :
She walks with her feet moving broadly sidewise. To make her walk straight boxes are drawn on the floor and she is asked to keep her foot inside the box.
She does not feel the necessity to cover her body properly. Since she is a girl, she is taught to change her inner garments and also to take bath herself.
She is trained to protect herself from others and also not to mingle with other boys.
She is given memory-tuning practice by the ways of action songs, stories and matching pictures.She is taught to be conscious of cleanliness.
She is given speech therapy, to talk a few words without break.
She is made to understand which is correct and which is wrong. This helps her to control her anger.
She is taught what are the ingredients of coffee, juice etc., This is aimed at training her at domestic work.

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