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Name : KANNAN .K
Age : 5- 9- 1974 & 27 years
Father's name : Kuppuswamy [expired]
Mother's name : Baby
Mothers Occupation : Aged mother (Surviving with Old Age Pension)
Residence Address : 18, Annambalayamam, Arcot 632 503.
Kannan .K

Nature of disability :
Mentally retarded. Very poor in conversing or communicating.
Medical history :
He was born out of a normal delivery. But while cutting the placenta chord, he cried a lot and immediately developed brain fever. So his periodic growth and activities were much delayed. He started walking only after 5 years.
Training given at 'Nesam' :
Muscular training :
Physical exercises and yoga practices are given.
Speech therapy :
Special training is given to communicate his needs to others.
Educational training :
To write down his name and address. To place 5 things in 5 boxes and make them as a group. To learn the rupee – paise calculation to know about cleanliness, to know the daily activities to be done.
Community training :
Good manners and to mingle with other children are taught. He is made to play, to sing and to enact with other children. He is trained to keep the environment clean.
Vocational training :
Activities like making envelopes, painting, making greeting cards, making wax candles and other decorative items are taught.

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