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Name : C. MONISH
Age : 1 ½ Years
Father's name : B.Chandramohan, M.A. Med.
Occupation : Teacher.
Mother's name : Kalavathy, B.E., Worked in a college, Now resigned her job to take care of the child.
Siblings : 1 Elder sister 5 years old
C. Monish

Nature of disability :
Spastic quadruplegic (severe) but mentally very alert. The child has no neck control. Does not turn or roll or sit but responds and communi-cates with his eyes and expression.
Medical history :
Full term baby. Prolonged labour and child was delivered by caesarean section, in a small hospital in Arcot. No birth cry. The child was kept in an incubator in C.M.C. Vellore.
Training given at 'Nesam' :
The child is included in the 'Early intervention' programme. Physical exercises are given to all the foud limbs to reduce tightness.
Since the child has good receptive language, he is included in group play and singing sessions to encourage his expressive language.
The mother is taught the correct position to feed the child, to facilitate his swallowing reflex.
She is also trained to carry the child with the correct posture so that the adduction in the legs is reduced.
A lot of visual, auditory and tactile stimuli are given to the child to enhance his senses.

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