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Name : NALINI. S
Age : 20-07-1983 & 19 years
Father's name : Sekhar
Occupation : Petty Shop
Mother's name : Malar Kodi & House Wife
Residence Address : Jambukulam Village, Vellore Dist, Tamil Nadu.

Nature of disability :
Mentally retarded. She is not able to communicate orally. She is unable to pass urine and stools without any help.
Medical history :
She was born in a normal delivery, but the baby didn't cry. Baby's periodic activities were very much delayed. She was given medicines up to the age of 7 years. Now she is not administered any drugs. The training methods adopted at 'Nesam' school.
Muscular exercises :
Routine physio-therapy exercises and yoga practice are given daily to relax her thigh muscles and spinal chord.
Educational activities :
She is asked to identify her name out of 5 names. She is asked to keep 5 things in 5 boxes and then assemble in groups of 5 things. She is shown household articles, fruits, vegetables and their names are taught. Coins of different denominations are shown.
Speech therapy :
This is given to communicate the urge to use the toilet and also for other needs.
Vocational training :
To keep the envelopes one upon the other properly. This develops discipline and neat execution of work. Painting the given drawings help her to concentrate in one work at a time and also gives her hand practice. Separating the strings of wool is being taught to develop her eye to hand co-ordination Since she is a girl, self protection and awareness is being taught. She learns how to put on her clothes.

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