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Age : 31- 5- 1996 & 6 Years
Father's name : Velavan
Occupation : Company worker
Mother's name : Sivakami, House Wife
Siblings : Two normal younger sisters of ages 3 and 1
Residence Address : No.11, New Street, Arcot 632 503.
Naveen Kumar .V

Nature of disability :
Mentally retarded and his right limbs are paralyzed. When he came to Nesam school, he was unable to sit or stand
Medical history :
He was born in a normal delivery. He gets fits. His head is abnormally big.
Training given at 'Nesam' :
Muscular exercises are given for stretching his arm and leg. He is put on shoes and made to stand for a little time daily. Foot- therapy is also given.
He is being trained to express the urge to urinate or to pass stools to the care- taker.
He is given speech therapy, like blowing the burning candle, to suck water through a straw and to blow pieces of paper. These practices will help him to make noise from the mouth.
The main aim is to make him walk and to do his daily activities himself.
Current status :
Now he is able to sit and move in the sitting posture.

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