NESAM - A School for Mentally Challenged Children Images

Nesam has a multi-disciplinary team of five special educators, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Special Therapists. The team first assess the child and develops a personalized program for that child. Children also get training in group sessions. The children are divided in to four streams, each concentrating on children with particular type of needs.

Movement Development - By strengthening the muscles of the limbs and neck with exercise.

Speech and Language Development - Developing the ability of the children to speak, make and recognize sound.

To Function Independently - Impart training to do their day-to-day activity in their life.
Vocational Training - Preparing to earn for their living.
Regular Education - Teachers to Read, Write and Recognize symbos for survival.

Support to Parents - Teachers empathizing with the parents ,guide them to continue with the training of the children at home.

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