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Age : 2 ½ Years
Father's name : Jayasankar
Occupation : Barber
Mother's name : Shanthi, House Wife.
Siblings : 1 elder sister 8 years old, studying in a   normal school.
J. Parthiban

Nature of disability :
  Downs Syndrome.
Medical history :
Full term baby. The child was delivered by casesarean section Vellore Government Hospital. The baby was underweight, weighing 11/2 Kgs.
Training given at 'Nesam' :
The child is put in 'Early Intervention' programme. Physical exercises are given to improve his back muscles to make him sit.
Colourful objects are given to the child to stimulate his vision and to make him grab and release objects.
Various sounds are presented to him improve his auditory ability.
Exercises are given to lip closing to control drooling. Practice is given daily to eat on his own with his fingers. He in being trained to indicate to go to the toilet. Training is given to be more independent in his toileting habit.
He is put in group play and group singing to improve his receptive and expressive language.

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