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Name : RENUKA. B
Age : 25- 10- 1995, 7 years
Father's name : Bhaskar
Occupation : Labourer
Mother's name : Gita
Address : Karunanidhi street, Arcot, Vellore dist.,
Sibblings : A normal eldest brother is 10 years old. He is studying in 5th standard. Second elder brother was dead due to brain fever. Renuka is the last child born in a normal delivery.
Renuka. B

Current status :
  Activities of daily life: Completely disabled
  Communication :
  Orally very poor
Objectives of the training given to her and the methods adopted
  To bring out sound from her mouth
To increase her memory : She listens to a story and made to repeat it by action. Action songs are taught to her.
To realize her daily activities : The teachers train her to go to the toilet and also how to use it. They tell her how to dress up and to change her dresses. Training is also given to comb up the hair and to take bath.
  Educational training :
To count 1 and 2 by picking up the objects. To assemble some puzzles like butterfly. To differentiate big and small things . To make her write some letters and numbers.
  Muscular exercises :
  Movement of limbs is done daily to avoid stiffness.

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