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Age : 7 Years
Father's name : R.S.Umapathy
Occupation : Officer in a private firm
Mother's name : Jayachitra-Secondary grade teacher
Siblings : 1 Elder sister aged 10 years & 1 younger brother
Sai Sakthi

Nature of disability :
Spastic right hemiplegic with moderate mental retardation. She talks well. Lacks Memory. Walks dragging her right leg. Does not use her right hand for any activity. Incontinence is presents. No urine control. Urinating in the panties all the time.
Medical history :
She was born by normal delivered with a hematoma in her back just below the neck. She was operated upon soon after the birth and the hematoma was removed.
Training given at ‘Nesam’ school
Physical Exercises :
Weight bearing exercises for the right leg.Walking training with upto the knee calipers and shoes.
Finger coordination exercises for the right hand and finger.
Activities of Daily living :
To train her to eat with her right hand
To make her go to the toilet at regular intervals to reduce incontinenc.
Educational Activities :
To identify Basic colours (red, blue, yellow, green, white and black) and shapes(square, rectangle and triangle.
To pick out the individual letters of her name and arrange in order and read.
To identify letters and a few words (25 words)
To read her address, reading each letters.
To write her name with her left hand and to scribble with her right hand to improve her finger coordination.
To identify numbers upto 5 with concept and write from 1 to 5.
To arrange the pictures of a story in sequence (after hearing the story)

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