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Age : 31 – 10- 1986 & 16 years
Father's name : Chandrasekar
Occupation : Farm Labor
Mother's name : Venda, House Wife
Siblings : Two normal younger sisters.

Nature of disability :
He is mentally retarded, unable to unfold his left arm and fingers. He keeps his mouth open and always saliva oozes out.
Medical history :
He was born in a normal delivery. At the age of three he was diagnosed as a mentally retarded child. He was treated at the Government children’s hospital, Chennai and CMC hospital, Vellore.
Training Given at 'Nesam' :
He was operated upon his throat at the expenses of the school. This is aimed at his speech ability.
He is trained to move the tongue and to relax the jaw so that he can talk.
He is given physio- therapy exercises to stretch his arm and unfold his fingers.
He can recognize some letters and numerals. He is being taught to write some letters.
The teachers demonstrate many objects and eatables and explain where to buy them.
He is being taught the different colors and he has acquired some sense of traffic.
The teachers concentrate mainly on his daily activities of life and to fulfill his basic needs.

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