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Age : 13 years
Father's name : K. V. Srinivasan
Qualification : Post graduate
Occupation : Working in a private firm
Mother's name : S.Srimathy
Occupation : House-wife and plays an active   role in Nesam school
Siblings : Younger brother S. Srinath is   studying.
Srikanth. S

Medical history :
He was born in a normal delivery but he had brain fever soon after his birth. He gets ‘fits’ often. So he became mentally retarded.
Training given at 'Nesam' :
Muscular exercises :
He is given physio-therapy exercises to prevent stiffness in his limbs, joints and muscles. Stretching exercises are given.
Speech therapy :
Special individual attention is given to him so as to communicate his urge to urinate or desiccate. Activities of daily life : Efforts are taken to say ‘yes’ or ‘No’ for taking to the toilet. He is made to stand on his feet for 30 minutes daily.
Educational training :
Hand, leg co-ordination is being taught. He is taught to differentiate between hot and cold things, liquid and solid things and soft and hard objects. He is shown different things and pictures to identify colors. He is made to recognize the sounds of animals and birds. Now he is not attracted towards those sounds.
Current status :
He is disabled. He is fully dependant on his parents to do his daily activities. He needs support for walking. He is not able to convey his needs.

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