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Name : SUBHA. S
Age : 11- 9- 1979, 23 years
Father's name : S. K. Srinivasan
Mother's name : S. Chitra
Sibblings : One elder sister is married

Current status :
She is able to do her daily activities herself except bathing. She has a very poor memory and intelligence. Training given at ‘Nesam’ school
Training given at ‘Nesam’ school
She is able to tell and write numerals from 1 to 30. But she finds it difficult to count things in 5s.
She is trained to add and subtract small numbers.
She writes the names of herself and her parents. She is trained to write her address.
She is given training in domestic works like making juices and to knead flour for roti.
She is given vocational training in the following works: envelope making, painting, making candles and designing the gift wrappers.
In short, she is expected to do her personal activities herself and to help her mother in domestic work.

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