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Age : 11 –6- 1984
Father's name : G.Thasil
Occupation : Worker in a co-operative stores
Mother's name : Bhavanis
Sibblings : One normal younger sister, studying in 9th standard

Current status :
He is able to do his activities of daily life only with help. He is able to speak one or two words. He has a poor memory power.
Training given at ‘Nesam’ school
He is being trained to talk in sentences and to convey the thoughts properly.
He is made to mingle with others for improving his social behavior.
He is given consciousness about personal cleanliness and environmental awareness.
To improve his memory power, stories and action songs are being taught.
He writes numerals from 1 to 5, but he is unable to count the objects in fives.
He is being trained to write his name and address.
He is shown pictures of the nature and their names are taught.
Vocational training is given in the following fields :
Painting, envelope making, candle molding, woolen toy weaving, and decorating the gift items.

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