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Age : 10- 9- 1974 & 28 Years
Father's name : R. Jagadeesan
Occupation : Retired Court Clerk.
Mother's name : P. Uma Devi & Tamil teacher,
  Government Higher secondary
Siblings : Younger Brother – Normal.
Senthil Kumar .J

Nature of disability :
Mentally retarded and unable to talk
Medical history :
: He was delivered with the help of forceps. At the age of 6 months, he got fits. It was frequent like once in two or three days. He was hospitalized for a month in Christian Medical College. He was prescribed with ‘Cardinal’ and kept in unconscious state. The fits stopped. But his periodic growth and developments stopped after that. He sat at the age of two years and walked at the age of 3 years. At the age of 7 years, they consulted Dr. Kalyanaraman and Dr.B.Ramamoorthi famous neurologists. They were given Emption and Vallium-5 for a few years and he is free from medication.
Training given at 'Nesam' :
He is given physiotherapy and muscular exercises. They also teach him yoga exercises.
Communication :
He is being trained to show actions and signals to have his personal needs and works fulfilled.
Concentration :
He was very restless in a place even for two minutes. To make him sit in a place, they play recorded songs. He is given small pieces of works, which last for two minutes.
Activities of daily life :
He has to be trained to do the daily personal sanitary jobs himself. His mother for brushing his teeth and bathing helps him.
Vocational training :
He is made to color some simple drawings with help. He is keeping the papers in proper order under instructions.
Community training :
He is trained to play and work with others in a group. He is also taught good habits.

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