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Age : 13 years
Father's name : Mahendran
Occupation : Worker in BHEL, Ranipet
Mother's name : Koteeswari & House Wife
Siblings : One younger brother and one younger sister, of normal health.

Nature of disability :
  Mentally retarded.
Medical history :
He was born in an ordinary delivery. He had a brain fever at the age of 3 years and had fits. He is being treated in Bagayam Government Mental hospital for his abnormal behavior. He has an aggressive attitude.
  Aims to improve Vignesh Kumar
To recognize and read the letters and numbers
  To prepare him to attend a normal primary school.
  To improve his patience and concentration.
To bring a normal attitude in him.
Training Given at 'Nesam' :
  To make him sit in the class room, the teacher gives him play-toys.
  He has to listen to the lesson at least for 10 minutes.
  He is trained to eat properly since he is a poor eater.
  He is not interested to write, though he recognizes the letters.
  He can tell the numbers from 1 to 50 orally, but can write 1to 5, not in the proper order.
  He can identify the colors and he paints pictures of vegetables and fruits.
  Vocational training such as envelope making is being given.

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